Friday, March 26, 2010

YARSAGUMBA- A natural wonder

Yarshagumba, known as Cordyceps Sinensis, is a wonder of nature which is believed to be a cure for sexual impotency and considered as a Himalayan Herbal Viagra. Yarshagumba is found at an altitude above 4000 meters in the highlands of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. In Chinese medicine, it is used as an aphrodisiac (sex stimulant) and treatment of ailments from fatigue to cancer.
Yarshagumba is a type of fungus which grows on Thitarodes caterpillar larva that feeds underground on the roots of trees and shrubs. Once infected, the body cavity of the larva fills with fungal mycelia and grows out killing the host. A finger like mushroom grows out from the larva above the ground during the spring and summer. This fungus-caterpillar is popularly known as Yarshagumba.
Every year during May and June, thousands of villagers from remote areas risking their own lives head for high mountains to collect cordyceps or yarsagumba or yarchagumba. It is estimated that one villager can earn up to Rs. 2,500 approximately to $35 a day by collecting cordyceps or yarsagumba or yarchagumba which is beyond the monthly salary of many Nepalese households. Dolpa – a remote district in western Nepal with high steep valleys and dry climate is one of the foremost areas for collecting Cordyceps or Yarsagumba .
Almost 50% of the annual supply of Cordyceps or Yarsagumba or Yarchagumba comes from Dolpa alone. Here, not only the adults but school goers also take unofficial holidays in search of the gold rush. Collection of Cordyceps or Yarsagumba or Yarchagumba was illegal until 2001 but following its popularity and the lobbying from various organizations, the Government lifted the ban but imposed a royalty rate of Rs. 20,000 (US$ 280) per kilogram(2.2lbs). One kilo of Yarsagumba that costs about Rs. 315 (US$ 5/6) in 1992 increased to Rs. 105,000 (US$ 1,435) by the year 2002 and the price has been shooting up so as the international interest on the mysterious half-caterpillar-half-mushroom known as Cordyceps or Yarsagumba or Yarchagumba.
Due to higher demand in China, Thailand, Korea and Japan, there is a dire need for commercial cultivation of this species. However, there is little research on the cultivation practices of this species. It is heard that Korean scientists have developed technique for its commercial cultivation.
Following is a video on Dolpa district

Yarsagumba collection video


The Night at Dolpa
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Jacques Delespaul said...

Traduction (fran├žais > anglais)

I personally Yarsagumba treatment for 20 days at
yarsagumba palace for problems of tinnitus and high blood pressure.
The effects are really impressive. what I get two months
later, beyond the effect of Viagra is a vitality, a return
Youth and the psychological level, a new desire to live.
I wonder if tests were performed seriously. The effects are
sustainable? For now, after two months, I always form. do
I repeat this treatment?

sujan said...

There is no test report that yarshagumba is helpful for blood pressure. the test shows that it increases the body strength and vigor. As it is a natural herb with no side effect. it can be taken regularly in small doses. you can also take yarsagumba tea regularly. Its not so costly. you can find it online.