Saturday, November 27, 2010

Micro Irrigation Technology

A treadle pump in action.Image via Wikipedia
Treadle Pump- Micro irrigation technology-

TP is basically an appropriate technology in rural areas where farm holdings are very small. Technology should be viable in terms of socio-ecoomic features of the farm household. Generally, the top down approach of government without concerning micro level intricacies hardly able to realize the targeted impact.

Small farmers means-
they have small investment capacity
their risk bearing capacity is very weak
they live in geographically difficult area
less educated
poor access to information 
poor access to market

Thus, agricultural development programs should consider the real situation of rural farm household under which they are operating the farm business. Rural development programs should be compatible in terms of farmers physical and human resource endowments. The most important part is their institutional capacity build-up. Only focusing on commodity does not bear much fruit. Poor farmers are poor because their capacity to harness  the available opportunity is very limited. Thus, it is better to promote such technology that really fits in their socio-economic environments. Treadle pumps could be an option.

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